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"Worthfactor is full of inspiring advice and tips for financial success. Nacrissa Vil details the steps needed to eliminate the roadblocks --specially fine-tuned for women-- and how to create your own unique path to financial freedom. As a person wiith a lifelong interest in evolving and learning, I believe Worthfactor is an absolute treasure chest. Nacrissa Vil's message is giving me renewed inspiration! And whether you're already an entreprenuer, just starting out, or just dreaming, Worthfactor is a must-read!!" 
~ Amazon Paperback Review

Worthfactor Transform Any Salary Manifest Any Dream and Embrace Any Goal with Unwavering C

Digital Day Jobs

"This book opens up a world of hope and dreams while giving practical step by step strategies. This book is for all levels of the unemployed, underemployed and overworked in Transforming you into who and what you want to become in this unlimited digital age. I am so thankful for a book like this and working with Nacrissa that at the age of 44 I found myself struggling, unemployed, with a lack of confidence and starting over fast forward to building a credit repair franchise and securing my financial wellness and freedom."

~ Amazon Review

Digital Day Jobs Redefine Work Multiply Your Income Rise to the Lifestyle You Deserve.png


"An awesome book!!! Love how the author walks through each gravitational strength and provides examples from her own life experience. Although I'm married and not looking to date, I found the information in this book helpful for keeping things fresh. I wish there was a guide like this available when I was dating. So many guides out there tell you that you need to transform yourself into this person who isn't you in order to attract true love. This book shows you how to be more of you and attract what you actually want. I love how the concepts within this book apply not only to romantic relationships, but relationships as a whole - friendship, business, workplace, etc. It's well worth the time to read this book. It will transform how you view the relationships you desire and help you to evaluate those already in your life."

~ Amazon Review

Gravitate Activating the 8 magnetic relationship strengths to attract the love you
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