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Get In The Game

Forge your own path to wealth apart from a job. And keep it simple and scalable along the way.


So, you have been wanting to quit your job, but you don’t have a strategy. You've been trying to create a plan but you feel like you’re all over the place and don't know what to do first. Or you may be wondering if starting a business is a path you can feel confident in. You've seen the free tips online about starting your business but when it comes down to actually starting, you need a clear workable strategy that will fill in the gaps. The Workforce Exit Strategy will give you the strategy and direction you’re seeking to make the shift from employee to digital entrepreneur. Whether it be mapping out what will make you stand out in the market or moving forward with confidence in your plan for sales and replacing your income, together inside the Workforce Exist Strategy we will help get you unstuck, and on your way to giving your two weeks notice. You can have a full "Quit Day" strategy ready to execute in a weekend!

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"I'm happy to say that I finally identified the business that's right for me using the Workforce Exist Strategy. The business ideas really helped me get clear on what to sell, who to sell it to and how much to sell it for. Thank you!"

- Akira Taylor


After 27 years, I quit my job... retiring from my career in Social Services in the middle of the Pandemic to become a full-time entrepreneur. The Workforce Exit Stategy laid out the exact steps for me to monetize my skills and expertise beyond the 9 to 5. I was able to identify and convert years of life and career experinece into the business I've always wanted.

- Lenise Rose 

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Do you have a business you've been working hard to build but have little to no sales? Start Simply Sell Business Accelerator is an entrepreneur cohort specifically created to help you simplify your marketing and sales and grow easier and faster to 10K+/Month.  Developed exclusively for "Salary Shifters" looking to start, grow and automate their business strategies, this online group coaching program connects you to your perfect customer without the stress of daily content, free challenges, and hustling on social media. Leveraging her years of business experience and working with a diverse group of students worldwide, Nacrissa breaks down the complexity of online business building into simple step-by-step tasks to help you sell more by doing less, creating a lifestyle business that delivers happiness in all areas of life.

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My biggest obstacle was reorganizing my business to operate in the online space. I was frustrated and wanted to give up altogether. She worked with me to create an overall plan, establish goals, and monitor progress towards those goals. Though there were many challenges, she has consistently worked with me to redefine priorities and rise above the challenges. Nacrissa is extremely gifted at defining processes and implementing strategies to assist others with transforming their lives. - Monica Whitfield

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Being in Nacrissa's Academy helped me go from 1 and 2 sales a week to over 10 sales a week in my network marketing business. I went from making $160 per week to over $1,800 a week after following the Power Income Automation method. 

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