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I help heart-led, Soul-driven women embrace their worth, escape the middle class and design a new life as a digital entrepreneur!

Hey my soul-driven and heart-centered friend! You may have landed here looking to learn a little more about me. But I'm really here to learn more about YOU, your amazing value, and how I can help you identify the factors that will give you the confidence and freedom to become a Soul-driven Salary Shifter and go from unhappy middle class professional to thriving heart-led digital entrepreneur.

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Meet Your Coach


I'm a mom, a resilient soul and simplicity is my jam.

I suffered a back injury in 2019 that completely changed the way I do business online and have been dedicated to a more simplistic model ever since. After living most of my life as a middle class professional, I threw out old models of wealth to start and scale my digital business to 6-figures. Now, I'm obsessed with sharing how digital entrepreneurship has closed the gap between my work and my income.


I went from undervalued in the corporate workforce to a full-time author, and coach making my first 30k in 45 days. I launched a bestselling book in the middle of the pandemic, without posting constantly on social media, realizing that the amount of time I needed to build a profitable business was far less than what the industry experts taught. I focused on strategic automation and rapidly grew my online business.

I'm excited to share with you how ALL this is possible for you too! 

Bestselling Books

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Transform Any Salary, Manifest Any Dream, and Embrace Any Goal with Unwavering Confidence

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Redefine Work, Multiply Your Income, Rise to the Lifestyle You Deserve!

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You're Worth

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