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Who is
Nacrissa J Vil?

(This is kind of the question right...😉)
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I’m a heart-centered, soul-driven, introvert woman who kind of never fit into the corporate career box. And, I wholeheartedly believe introvert women are often misunderstood...

Once we leverage our natural strengths of intimacy and care we can become extraordinary at anything. Even without the bold personality and flair for the spotlight.

And me? I wanted to do those extraordinary things, in a humble way, without the ceilings you often find in middle class jobs — so I turned to entrepreneurship. I started my first online business in 2008, in the middle of the recession. But somehow between layoffs from multiple companies and clawing my way out of an abusive marriage...


I managed to make my first $30,000 online in just 45 days.

At the time, that was equal to my middle class salary at my full-time job.  Even in the part-time printing business I had been running since I was 19, I had never made that much so quickly. It shattered so many beliefs I had about making money and about who I had to be to do it. So even as I navigated becoming a single mom and restarting my life after divorce, I was eager to dig in and learn everything I could about digital entrepreneurship. A few years later, I self-published and marketed my first book, Gravitate, and started an online course.  The course generated $7,554 in less than 4 days.


Despite obstacles, I grew skillful at achieving results quickly in record time. After a year of coaching a small group mastermind, I launched my online business academy teaching other women those same skills and wrote my second book, Digital Day Jobs, in just 90 days. Within the first week it became an Amazon Bestseller.

Although I had a lot of success launching courses and writing books I found myself stretched way to thin in my business.

I was following the industry advice doing "all the things" for consistent sales and it was hard to keep up with. I was overworked and simultaneously ended up suffering a back injury. I stepped away from most of my business and settled into working with a billion dollar financial company because I thought it would be easier. But I knew I wanted my time and money freedom back. That's when the light bulb came on and I simplified my business. I realized that I had started my online business for freedom, not to go back to 40 and 50 hour work weeks and definitely not to spend endless hours on social media for the chance someone "might" see my content and "possibly" buy my products. After restarting my business with a new simplified strategy, in one month I made over $11,000 on autopilot.


In 2020, while most businesses did more online, I started doing less. I put specific automations in place to impact and serve more without sacrificing my life. My third book, Worthfactor, was proof this was possible. The book launched in the middle of the pandemic and became another Amazon Best Seller without an enormous amount of time on social media. I was able to leverage the features of platforms like Instagram and Facebook and build a successful online business, with less demand on my time. Something every working professional needs when trying to shift from employee to entrepreneur.

Who has
She Helped?

(This is the bigger question 😉)

As a middle-class professional turned digital entrepreneur, I’ve been able to build a 6-figure business and life I truly love, but what I'm happy about most is that I've helped hundreds of women through my books and programs embrace their worth and trade in their own middle-class salaries for a lifestyle and income deeply connected to their purpose — and since every woman is unique in their ideas, knowledge, skills and expertise (and also their challenges), I've made sure that what I create inside my trainings reflect that same diversity.


I build strong, lasting relationships with the people that I serve and find tremendous joy in their successes. 


Lenise Whitfield

I quit my job in the middle of the pandemic using Nacrissa's Workforce Exit Strategy Framework. I've also been able to scale my business easily with her Power Income Automation™ method. 

stacey mallard.jpg

Stacey Mallard

I made $4,000 in 7 days with my first eBook launch. Nacrissa makes digital entrepreneurship much more understandable than most of the information I have found online. Her coaching is worth the investment.


Charlotte Pierce

She is a great listener and quickly discerned areas where I should focus on to advance my online business. Her follow-up was exceptional. I've been able to see my business ideas come to life.

How can she help me?

(This is the ultimate question! 😉)

If it's not simple and sustainable, I don’t teach it!

There’s a ton of advice out there on how to start a digital business, get sales and shift your income from employee to entrepreneur.

Most of it is HUSTLE and leads to burn out. 

I promised myself I would teach what was strategic, simple and sustainable - helping my students avoid the pitfall of stitching together SCATTERED tips online that mostly feels overwhelming at best.


I've been able to keep that promise to women all over the world through my Start Simplify Sell Business Academy, and I will keep that promise to you.

My business exists to show you how to embrace your worth and turn it into powerful digital products that attract loyal family-like customers.

I focus on strategic results that lead to time + money freedom so that you can simplify your efforts on your way to becoming a digital entrepreneur.

There’s a good reason I call my community “Salary Shifters

It’s not just about money, it’s about freedom!

If you’re here, it means you’re not about that middle class life anymore – making excuses, trading time for money and waiting for someone else to give you permission to advance.

Salary Shifters are ready to lean in, PROFIT IN THEIR PURPOSE, and push past the obstacles towards more ease, grace and flow in their work and income.


If that’s you, welcome to the family! Feel free to send me a quick voice message here and say hello, what you currently do and how you think I may be able to help you. I respond to all my messages.

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